Piatra Neamt vazut la 360 de grade
About us - Scoala Gimnazială Nr. 5 Piatra-Neamt

We are a public school from Piatra-Neamț, NE Romania. We began to exist in 1972. At the present day we have about 1500 students and over 80 teachers.

Relevant experience related to the workshop theme:

We offer Second Chance Alternative Education services for students who dropped-out school before completing their compulsory education and that are to old to be integrated into the standard education sistem. We are working at different levels, according to each student needs (from literacy basics to lower secondary level). Our students are coming from marginalized groups, ethnic minorities and they are often facing financial obstacles. We use to adapt our activity to their life-style and try to offer them the opportunity go to school without affecting their family life.

About our region ...

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and http://www.piatra-neamt.neamtvirtual.ro/panorame-360/obiective-turistice.html
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THU 06/26/14

9:30 - 11:00 - introducing the workshop staff (organizers, trainers)
Presentation of participants and their home institutions
Other ice-breaking activities
11:00-13:00 - participant’s expectations and needs analysis (round-table)
presentation of support materials/ workshop objectives/second chance education alternative
15:00 - 17:00 - focus-group on adult literacy definitions, concepts, techniques;
17:00 - 19:00 - Adult learning theory/ needs of adult literacy learners/ types of adult literacy learners;  Core contents of adult literacy: basic reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, computer;
Meet an adult literacy learner (whit translator)
WED 06/25/14

Participants arrival and check-in
19:00 - Ice-breaking welcome dinner at the hotel

FRY 06/27/14

9:30-11:00 ICT in support of adult literacy learning
Previous experiments and good practice models;
11:00-13:00 - Getting familiar with voice-over software in order to create optimized materials for learners who can’t read yet.
15:00-17:00- Creating your own dictation exercise with voice-over software;
17:00 -19:00 - Creating your own evaluation tool with vocal explanation for students which   are not enough skilled to read complex sentences. Using already available voice or recording your own voice;
Basic numeracy problems ;
SAT 06/28/14

Image-based learning
Creating image-based learning materials for students which are no table to read yet;
Creating a simple animation;

SUN 06/29/14
Day 5 - 9:30 - 13:00 Virtual 3 D classroom
14:00 - 19:00 Cultural activity

MON 06/30/14
Day 6 - 9: 30 - 13:00 working on the basic skill digital portfolio for adult literacy learning:
Alphabet and letters
Reading and typing exercises
handwriting exercises;             
  15:00 - 19:00Software database to be used;
  Award Certificates
19:00    Good-bye dinner

THU 07/01/2014
Participants departure

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Why ICT TOOLS for Adult Literacy?
According to many scientific reports, the adults often do not recognize their low reading and writing or numeracy skills, or tend to consider them better then they are in reality.
Many adults consider that they are too old to learn, tend to be ashamed of their weaknesses, or consider the improvement to be impossible.

    The learning styles and needs of adults are different from children. The adult learner may already have achieved a part of the required skills of knowledge.
Many adult learners may already have a family life or can be employed, so that they cannot respect a rigid schedule. They need full time access to the learning materials so they can practice when they have time.
Piatra-Neamt, Romania